I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago. My boyfriend said we needed to abort the baby because we are not financially secure. I didn’t like the idea but agreed to it. So I made the appointment for Last week and the day before my scheduled visit the clinic calls and informs me that the abortion pill will not work for me due to me having weight loss surgery and a thyroid condition. So my only other option was a surgical abortion (the vacuum). I kept my appointment, they told me how far along I was and told me they’d see me then. So when we arrive we walk into a women’s clinic and a lady asks what we need. I explain that I have an appointment for an abortion, she looks upset and grabs a pamphlet and hands it to us. Turns out we were in a pro life counseling clinic (just my luck seeing I’m not dead set on the A). We then find the right place and we sit there filling out my life history onto papers and finally get called back. As I’m laying there on the ultrasound table the lady looks at me and tells me that they can’t do the surgical abortion, I’m not far enough long. So I get pretty upset because i took off work. I drove over an hour. And they told me on the phone how far aLong I should be… She then refunds only half our money and tells me to call back in 2 weeks. Well now I’m sitting here thinking that this is gods way of telling me to keep this baby. I’ve had so many interruptions that I feel like its destined. What do you think?


I speak on behalf of prenatal children. The internet is filled with people who will cheer you on to abortion, barely mentioning any of the other options such as parenting and adoption.

You are already the mother of a living human being. Your son or daughter is growing inside of you right now and is depending on you to fulfill your responsibilities as a mother.

Many mothers later regret killing their child. It will haunt you for the rest of your life. I have yet to hear a story about a mother who protected her child and felt guilty for it.

I can tell that you are intelligent and that you will have an amazing life with your amazing child.

You must use empathy to hear your child. He or she needs your love, all you have to do is provide it.

To speak to someone right now about this decision please call 1.800.NO.ABORT. They can help you and your child make it through this challenging time.

You are much stronger than many will lead you to believe. You CAN be a great mother AND have a great life. Believe in yourself.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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