The Important Sh*t: Thank you all for the support.

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I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has commented on my post yesterday. I still haven’t made a decisions or anything but I do have a plan to talk to my boyfriend and see what he has to say. then I am going to Planned Parenthood to talk about what my options are. I can feel my anxiety going up…


Killing a prenatal human being is a very emotional issue for many millions of people who, like me, do not see any difference between a child that is born and a child that is awaiting their turn at birth. You were in the exact same place as your son or daughter is right now just 21 years ago. You were that parasite you like to compare your child to. And look at you now.

I am an atheist and I know you won’t burn in hell. But I do know a human being will die and I know you will never forget the day you laid down before an abortionist and allowed it to happen.

I know you haven’t made your decision yet, so please hear from a former extreme pro-choice advocate and other women who later regretted the decision to kill their children.

You, your child, and your child’s father deserve so much better than abortion. Embrace Life!

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