I am pro-life. And I get a lot of respect and praise for it in real life, but on Tumblr, everyone seems to bash me for it and I just don’t understand why. Let me tell you a little story.

Five years ago, one of my best girl friends told me crying that she was pregnant. At first, I did not understood why she was sad. A child is something to be celebrated, I always thought that. But she said she planned to abort the child, because her financial situation was bad and the father of her child left her as soon as he found out she was pregnant. (He had money problems too).

I told her to come over to my house. We spoke. For many hours. I explained to her everything about abortion, from how cruel the procedure itself is, to how much she might end up regretting it. She, like many pro-choice people out there, told me that I only care about the baby while it’s in her belly and that I won’t do anything for it after it is born. I assured her that it wouldn’t be like that. I took care of her the entire time while she was pregnant, I gave her both financial and moral support. I was there for her when she gave birth, I held her hand. She gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy boy and she gave him my name. I kept helping her and her son, I was there for both of them, I found her a good job when her son was three years old and found a good preschool for him to attend while she was at work. I still visit them and her son calls me uncle. He loves me and I love him. We have an amazing, strong connection.

My friend always tells me how grateful she is that I saved her son, she reminds me that he’s alive because of me. I seriously hate it when pro-choice people simply assume that pro-life people don’t actually want to help the children we are defending. I am aware of the fact that maybe not all pro-life people have the time or money to do what I did for my friend. But I am certain that there are some people out there who could do it, and, most of all, I know all pro-life people would do it.

Abortion is not something women need. It is something they want. Sometimes out of selfish reasons, other times out of pure desperation. But there are other options. There are people who could actually help you, if you’d only allow them to help. There is adoption too, which I know is not always the best, but it is a LOT better than killing your baby. Our children are not objects that we can simply throw away if we do not believe we want them. All children should be wanted. All children deserve to live. I hope that one day, more women will understand this.


This is an inspiring story from a caring pro-life advocate who saved an innocent human life. The little boy he saved was destined to be abandoned to abortion, destined to become medical waste had this man not only convinced his friend to choose life, but to choose hope.

And now, instead of regret and a lifetime of ‘what-ifs’, this mother gets to share life with someone who will love her more than any other person ever could, her beautiful living son.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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