No One Needs Kill A Child


You are disgusting. If you want to stop abortion why not focus on educating women and men about preventing unwanted pregnancy. No one WANTS an abortion, but sometimes they need it.


Killing a prenatal human being is the SAME as killing a neonatal human being. Do people have a need to kill someone who is already born? Yes, they do. But when they act on this need they are punished because killing innocent born people is illegal. I want the same protection for the prenatal. They, just like when we were living in the womb, deserve the full protection of the Constitution, full access to its promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And yes, sex education can go a long way if people choose to be educated and then actually apply what they have learned to real life. This hasn’t panned out so far. New York City has a very liberal sex education program in their public schools, yet 41% of all New York City babies are aborted. FOUR out of TEN.

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