Finding My Calling


as student in med school, the misinformation you spit out is appalling. because of your blog and ignorance, i have decided to specialize in women’s health and volunteer in a free clinic. your ignorance has shown me how lies and lack of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. who knows, i may even decided to specialize in abortions one day. either way, thank you for helping me find my calling.


If this is supposed to dishearten me, you have failed. Instead of making generalized statements about misinformation, please tell me specifically what I have posted that is inaccurate. I assure you, I can provide references for everything I have posted. Of course, I seriously doubt that you have even read my blog.

Just because you disagree with a certain position, doesn’t mean that the information presented is inaccurate. It just means that you are unwilling to accept the truth.

If your heart is cold enough to kill innocent human beings by the dozen every day you wake up, then I can’t stop you — yet. Eventually, more and more people are going to wake up to the reality of human abortion and our prenatal children will be protected by the Constitutional right to life that we all enjoy following our birth. Because, as a med student, you know that nothing changed about the human being who just slipped past their mother’s cervix during birth.

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