The Sickness Of Abortion

In their zeal to keep abortion fully accessible, many pro-choice advocates don’t want abortion facilities to have to abide by the same medical standards as other surgicenters in the United States. And they want babies to be killed as late as possible in their development, even though they falsely claim that no mother would ever decide to kill her child after five months (20 weeks). Abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s slaughterhouse ran for 17 straight years without one state inspection. The results speak for themselves.

And this is what Texas and other states are trying to prevent. Yet, even after the horrific results of Philadelphia turning a blind eye, pro-choice advocates still fight to keep people like Gosnell in business.

They fight for the right to kill innocent prenatal children in those dark alleys they claim to want to avoid all the way up to birth with no questions asked. The reality is that they don’t really care how, where, or when an abortion is performed so long as the abortionist knows what they are doing and it is sanctioned by the government.

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