New Generation Of Apathy


Ours is a new generation. Today’s world is plagued by problems and crimes. You can’t think that we can create a perfect world where “adoption is a choice”. Things will happen. Children will be aborted. Mothers will kill themselves because they would rather die than have a child. We have to live with the imperfection. A “Culture Shift” won’t change the way the world works. The innocent are killed all over the world every day, and we can’t stop it. Learn to live with the problems.


Your pessimism is appalling and is the most egregious display of apathy I have yet encountered.

We have overcome incredible challenges and the darkest of horrors throughout our long history. We can and will overcome the human tragedy of abortion. It will take all of us to shake off the overwhelming feeling of what appears to be insurmountable odds and embrace hope for the future and a belief in the underlying good that resides within each of us.

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