Abortion does not equal murdering unborn children. Fetuses are just a cluster of cells, they are not children. They do not talk, they do not laugh, they do not feel. They are parasites that after a few months will develop into a human, but are not yet human. It’s like saying eating an egg is murder because it could have become a chicken. Though that egg is not a chicken, is it. It’s simply something that could become one. Fetuses are not humans. I do not support abortions where the fetus is already fully developed into a human. But those abortions are illegal, thankfully.


If I understand your position, a human ‘fetus’, which you term a parasite, holds no more value than a chicken egg, yet suddenly becomes human at some point while still in the womb because he or she is ‘fully’ developed.

Let’s say that’s true. Let’s say that magical mark is on the 168th day of gestation, or 24 weeks. Why was that now human child just a clump of cells or a parasite on day 167? Why is the mother’s bodily autonomy suddenly invalidated on day 168?

In order to avoid hypocrisy, there are only two possible positions to take on the beginning of human life:

  1. That life begins at fertilization, the point at which the mother and father’s DNA fuse to form a totally new and unique human being.
  2. That life begins at birth, the point at which the child’s head slips through their mother’s cervix.

Federal law supports option #2. Many state laws support a middle ground between option #1 and option #2. I support option #1, as does the scientific community. Option #1 is logical and is clearly the point at which each of us began this journey called life.

Watch as a human being lives and grows inside the womb before considering your answer. This is how you looked and behaved while living inside your mother’s womb. While watching this tour, imagine an abortionist inserting his instruments into that child’s amniotic sac to either suction them out or pull them apart with forceps. This is the reality of abortion.

Please think hard about when human life begins. Millions of innocent human beings clinging to their umbilical cords for life depend on it.

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Posted by cultureshift

A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Just some clarification. I am unaware of a scientific consensus that “life begins at fertilization”. The quote, with no author, to which this article addresses uses the words children, human and fetus. In your explanation, you use the word “life”. I am pretty sure that gametes (sperm and ovum) can be considered alive and therefore “life”. I hate to break it to you but the scientific consensus states that “life” began millions of years ago.
    Now, the 24 week number, which you report in days (168) is the “legal” cut off to obtain an abortion and has nothing to do with the conversation about “when life begins.” Which is the reason for my reply. I understand that the point is to support a pro-life position, which you can do morally. but again, I hate to break it to you, the 168 day limit has nothing to do with the conversation about “when life begins” because the SCOTUS found that point mote. Why?…, because regardless of whether a fetus is a human being at 0 days or 168 days that “life” CANNOT survive outside of the womb, i.e. a fetus must occupy a human body. As a matter of fact the only reason why the abortion is not legal after 24 wks of gestation is because the fetus can survive with medical intervention. The 24 week cut off has nothing to contribute to the conversation about whether or not a fetus is human. A fetus at 0 or 168 days is human; the same way that the chicken egg is chicken. It is just not able to form or exist on its own. I hope this clarifies things.


    1. Your comment clarifies only one point: that you support legally killing a human being after their life has begun.

      “Just some clarification. I am unaware of a scientific consensus that life begins at fertilization.”

      Allow me to educate you:

      “As a matter of fact the only reason why the abortion is not legal after 24 wks of gestation is because the fetus can survive with medical intervention.”

      The Supreme Court does not place limits on abortion and some states like Colorado, Vermot, and Oregon have ZERO restrictions. In fact, the SCOTUS ruled that children may be killed through all nine months of their prenatal lives [Doe v. Bolton, 1973]. Again, allow me to educate you:

      Abortion kills innocent living human beings. I hope this clarifies things for you.


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