Categorically Wrong


“All we can know is that they should have the opportunity to chart their own course.” That is so hypocritical, by making abortion illegal, sure those fetuses may have that opportunity, but the opportunity is being taken away from their mothers who now can’t chart their own course because they have a baby to take care of, even if it’s just prenatally.


You believe this is hypocritical because you do not equate the value of a prenatal human being with the value of his or her mother. The mother whom you consider more valuable than her child was a prenatal child at one time. By your logic, that mother’s life while in her mother’s womb was no longer worth protecting.

The rights of a pregnant woman and the rights of their prenatal children create a dichotomy of human rights where one is pitted against the other. My goal is to resolve this conflict by instilling a dignity for human life and a willingness to place others before self. A willingness to accept the process of human reproduction for what it is and understand that we are just as human the moment following conception as we are the moment prior to our natural death.

A culture built on this premise would not only resolve this conflict, but would result in an end to many of the atrocities that plague our world.

I can’t do this alone. It takes people like you to consider the value of all innocent human life as equal, no matter the category some choose to place them in.

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