Prenatal And Neonatal Equality


Here’s a thought: Maybe people can make their own decisions! Wow, what a novel idea! I mean, who knew that people were capable of actually deciding whether or not they want their unborn children! Maybe the person doesn’t think adoption is a good idea for their unborn child! Maybe the person isn’t ready for a child! Maybe they DON’T WANT A CHILD, AND DO NOT WANT TO PUT IT UP FOR ADOPTION. Could such a thing be possible?


No one should be able to make a decision to kill another innocent human being. That is the point of the entire pro-life position.

People cannot make their own decisions to kill, abuse, or neglect their neonatal children. I will work tirelessly to ensure this protection is extended to their prenatal children as well.

Abortion is the ultimate form of child abuse, almost always resulting in the death of the child.

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