Many of the arguments supporting the right to kill prenatal children revolve around socioeconomic status, competition for resources, and quality of life.

Although these are important issues facing all of us, the focus should be on the definition of human life. This definition must address when we have value and worth as a member of the human family.

Does our size matter? Men are generally larger than women, does that make them more valuable? Size does not equal value.

Does level of development matter? A 14 year old girl is more developed than a four year old girl. Should she have more rights than her younger sibling? Level of development does not equal value.

Does sentience matter? A newborn child is no more aware of themselves than they were while passing through the fetal stage. Do they possess no value? No right to life? Does a human being in a coma have a right to life? Sentience does not equal value.

Does location matter? Where you are has no bearing on who you are. Crossing the street does not change your value. How can a journey of eight inches through the vagina change the status of the prenatal from a non-person to personhood? If the prenatal are not already valuable, simply changing their location can’t suddenly make them valuable. Location does not equal value.

Does dependency matter? If viability bestows human value, then those dependent on life support or kidney dialysis have no value. Then conjoined twins relying on common organs, violating the other’s bodily autonomy, have no right to life. Dependency does not equal value.

Following this logic, the right to choose to kill prenatal human beings should convey to any human being who is smaller, less developed, dependent on others, or unaware of their existence. A mother should have every right to terminate her newborn’s life if she feels it will affect her socioeconomic status, if there are not enough resources to share, or if her quality of life will suffer.

Always ask why it is legal to kill an innocent human being. Protect the right to life for ALL, not just for the one’s like you. Question human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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