A Lovable Person


I’m an unadopted child in Germany where the adoption system is a lot better than in the USA. I’m fifteen years old and the chance that I get adopted is really low. I have heard a lot of stories of children that got adopted into abusive families, even one where a girl got killed (sadly this never made the news). I have also heard stories of children killing themselves or becoming criminals. I hate my life, I really hate it. I never received love from a mother. You say adoption is THE solution but I don’t think so.


You should not hate yourself. You are a special and unique human being and I am so glad that you are here with us. I wish you had known a mother’s love, but someday, you will know the deep love of another and it will amaze you. Remember, there is life after childhood.

Killing prenatal children is not a solution to the adoption problem. Stopping unwanted pregnancies before they start is the solution. Once a child has been conceived, we must protect that life as we would any other. If we don’t, then we have lowered the value of all human life.

You are obviously incredibly intelligent, articulate, and multilingual. I know you will find a family soon. I know I would love to have you in mine.

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