I fell pregnant with a number of pre-existing health issues, especially mental health. I did not have the resources, in any sense, to care for or raise a child. The tipping point was medical advise, advising that I was at SEVERE risk of post-natal depression (due to my history) which could have led, as it frequently (not always) does, to child neglect at the very least. My child could have had an extremely poor quality of life. I do not regret the decision.


Since, as you state, these conditions were pre-existing, why did you ‘fall’ pregnant? Your situation is similar to many I have heard that raise the issue of tokophobia, the fear of being pregnant or giving birth. If a woman has this fear, she should opt for sterilization, not abortion. If someone has a fear of heights, they should avoid high places.

If you were at severe risk of postpartum depression that could have led to the neglect of your child, why not opt for ADOPTION?? For some reason, abortion advocates always forget this choice.

One final thought: why don’t we kill our newborns or toddlers when they are facing these same conditions? I know it’s currently illegal to do so, but why not fight to have the laws changed to allow for this ‘merciful choice’. A neonatal human being is no different than a prenatal human being.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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