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My mother tried to abort me. She and my siblings would have had better lives if she had. I am glad I survived, as is she – but I acknowledge that this CHOICE made her life more difficult. For example, my biological father repeatedly raped my older sister. Your mother having another child could have ruined your life as well. If she had had that child, you might understand those of us who know that abortion is a legitimate, and needed, choice.


You just reinforced the premise of many of my arguments. Your mother failed to kill you, but both you and her are glad that she failed. Life did not turn out as bad as she had imagined with you in it. You both are happy that you are here.

A difficult childhood is no reason to kill an innocent human being.

The crimes of another are no reason to kill an innocent human being.

There is no reason good enough to kill an innocent human being.

Both my mother’s and my life would have been immeasurably improved by having my sister here with us. How can you be so selfish to believe that you are worthy of life now that you have been born, but those that are trying to follow you into this world have less value than you? So much less, in fact, that they can be legally killed and thrown out as medical waste. What have you become?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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