I don’t understand how you can be all about bringing unwanted children into the world just to die anyway. I worked in a shelter where a young girl was forced to have a child, after she had it no one cared what happened to the baby. She threw it in a dumpster and it died. How do you explain that? I am at an age where I would happily get an abortion if my birth control failed. I am selfish, I only care about myself right now and that’s not wrong. I think you’re worried about the wrong thing.


You, like so many, are unable to grasp the concept of a culture shift. If we all awaken from the concept that our prenatal children are not real human beings deserving of the same protection afforded a newborn, then the tragedy you witnessed will continue.

I am advocating for a society built on the dignity of human life, that we are ALL equal, regardless of our stage of life. The struggle for human equality has raged for thousands of years and we have made amazing gains. But there is much left to do.

Many groups of human beings have experienced the suffering of having their humanity devalued to support the selfish concerns of the stronger and the more powerful members of their society. You are advocating for the continuance of this practice.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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