The Whims Of Others


You’re not “pro-life”, you’re ANTI-choice. Don’t even try to deny it. Besides, you’re probably only here today because you’re mom couldn’t afford/get an abortion.


I agree with you, I am most definitely ANTI-choice. Here are a few of the things I don’t want people to have the choice to do…

  • abort a living human being
  • kill an innocent post-born human being, regardless of age
  • discriminate against anyone for any reason
  • kidnap or confine another innocent human being against their will
  • rape or molest men, women, or children

These are just a few examples of where I am firmly ANTI-choice.

And you are probably right about my teenage mother’s plight. I am extremely lucky to be here. That’s why I want laws to protect us while we are in the womb. I don’t want any more innocent human beings relying on luck and the whims of others for their survival.

Respond to The Whims Of Others

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