When Should The Killing Stop?

An honest question for abortion advocates:

Why do the great majority of you believe that a woman’s bodily autonomy ends once a fetus reaches the capability to survive outside of the womb (anywhere from 20-24 weeks)? Why do you effectively become pro-life at that point?

A child who reaches the point of ‘viability’ is not going to be removed from the uterus alive because a mother decides she doesn’t want her child there anymore. No insurance company would cover such a decision and no hospital is going to take on that financial burden just because the mother wants to birth a 24 week old fetus. And of course, an abortion clinic isn’t going to purposely delivery a live baby. This effectively means that the mother is locked into her pregnancy after her child reaches viability.

I have yet to see this honestly addressed by the pro-choice community. Please don’t tell me it’s because that’s the law in most states. I have received many comments and read many posts where abortion advocates state that they are personally against aborting a viable fetus.

Thanks ahead of time for your honest and intelligent responses.

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