Personhood Defined


so what is the cause of personhood though, like what happens at the moment of birth that makes you have the right of being human or whatever it is to be called, personhood, being human… not entirely sure what term you’d use there


A fetus is human, but not a person. Because person implies you have a life, you have a future, you are doing things and learning things, you have (knowable) attributes and personality (idk that part is hard to explain in words). When a baby is born it becomes a person because it has been born into this world and they are now going through life. (did that answer the question idk)


This abortion advocate stumbled all over the place to justify why a ‘fetus’ was not a person minutes before their birth but magically becomes a person following their birth.

A review of how this person defines personhood:

  • Must have a life (fetus – check; newborn – check)
  • Must have a future (fetus – check; newborn – check)
  • You are doing things and learning things (fetus – limited; newborn – limited)
  • Must have knowable attributes (fetus – check [via ultrasound]; newborn – check)
  • Must have a personality (fetus – undetectable; newborn – undetectable)

Looks like a ‘fetus’ and a newborn share the same attributes for personhood according to this abortion advocate. They finally explain that this just magically happens when we are born, when our head slips through the cervix. Isn’t it interesting that we can still be legally killed by an abortionist just prior to that moment under Doe v. Bolton [1973].

Why are we still killing our prenatal children? Why is it so hard to see that this is wrong? Why?

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