A Painful Awakening


You think posting these pictures and arguments will change most peoples opinion? it will not. what if a woman gets raped and impregnated? What if in her life she is not wealthy enough to support her body while she is pregnant or a baby? You try and make people feel guilty about their decisions but what about you? Do you feel no guilt striking pain into people who may have had no choice at all? No you don’t. Because simply put you are not them and you DO NOT and NEVER WILL understand their pain.


The vast majority of abortions are for social or financial reasons, pain that hardly reaches a level where an innocent living human being should be killed.

Someone must speak on behalf of the prenatal. They are real human beings that have just as much of a right to life as those of us who have already gestated.

I will never stop advocating for the equal rights of ALL human beings, regardless of what stage of life they happen to be passing through. Remember, we are them and they are us.

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