Banning abortion wouldn’t stop it. There would be more abortions and moreover they would be done in hazardous conditions, backstreet clinics and old methods such as coat hangers. There would also be more suicides, more teenage girls who wouldn’t be able to cope killing themselves, more women ending their lives due to being forced to give birth. More families in poverty. Your don’t want to end termination of fetuses (human zygotes, to be exact (they have little human dna)) you want to kill WOMEN.


I agree that banning abortion will not stop it. Banning murder has not stopped murder. Banning rape has not stopped rape. Just because something can’t be fully stopped by the passage of a law doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be against the law.

My primary goal is to change our culture. To create a society where people value our prenatal children just as much as they value our born children. A society where pregnancy is not seen as a burden or shameful, but something to be proud of, regardless of how it was initiated.

Once this shift is complete, all of the problems you allude to will become rare. People will embrace the illegality of abortion just as they do the illegality of other forms of murder.

Finally, you need a bit of education. No human passing through the zygotic stage of life is intentionally killed by induced abortion since that stage of life is over long before women even know they are pregnant. Also, DNA is a constant from the moment our parent’s haploid gametes fuse during fertilization to create us. DNA is not affected by our age nor our stage of life. In other words, you have always been exactly you and your life has always held the same value.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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