A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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I have never come across an antichoice picture that has hurt me until now. This picture (Pro-choice represents the coldness of humanity) sickens me in ways that I have never felt. I am prochoice and I cannot wait to be a mother. I love children and children love me. Just because someone is a prochoicer does not mean that they are cold hearted & inhumane. My grandmother who is the best person that I have ever met had an abortion because her husband was abusing her & her two children. Is she evil?


The hurt you feel is the manifestation of the guilt that resides deep in your heart because you know that killing the weakest and most vulnerable among our human family is wrong.

You have yet to accept that a prenatal child is just as human as a neonatal child and just as deserving of your love. If you understood this, you could never advocate for someone having the choice to kill a child, regardless of their location or the circumstances of their family’s situation.

You are being myopic in your beliefs. Just because you can’t physically see a child in the womb does not make them any less human than one that you can physically see. A mother can, and does, hold her prenatal child. Maybe not in her arms, but she cradles him or her every day during pregnancy.

Being pro-choice means you accept the killing of children. The killing of children is cold hearted and inhumane. Therefore, anyone who advocates for abortion is cold hearted and inhumane. Simple logic.

Why not exercise another choice, one that doesn’t end a human life? Why not unshackle your conscience from the burden of championing for the right of mothers to kill their prenatal children and instead fight for everyone’s right to life, not just those privileged enough to have already been born?

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