The Organs of a Corpse


We can’t legally take organs from a dead person unless they or their survivors consent, even though this could save a whole lot of people who would die without the organs. In a similar vein, we can’t coerce a living person to donate an organ to someone that needs it. Removing a woman’s option to abort legally forced her to loan out use of her body to a fetus. She’s given less bodily autonomy than a corpse. Your thoughts?


A prenatal child is alive and has the same right to life as his or her mother and the same right to bodily autonomy as his or her mother.

Donating organs is not the same as sharing organs as required by evolution. A mother’s organs are still there and still functional before, during, and after pregnancy. A mother who is unwilling to share her body with her own son or daughter is the ultimate manifestation of selfishness. A trait you seem to fully endorse.

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