A Changed Heart and Mind


I’m the girl that left the ask about being born at 24 weeks and survived. I just want to say after going through your blog and seeing some videos that you posted, I’ve gone from pro choice to pro life. I watched the video about the women that worked in the abortion clinic and that changed it all for me. I don’t live in America, but that made me wonder about where I live. It gave me something to think about so thank you.


You sought out knowledge and truth and now you are a better human being for it.

Use this empowerment and your unique experience to champion for the cause of life, to protect prenatal children, and to show others the way.

You will have to confront some of the most vile and uncivil people you will ever meet. Become a lightening rod for the hate directed toward our preborn. Let it be the fire that lights your way.

Together, we can change the world.

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