Opened Eyes


Reading your blog has opened my eyes greatly, so thank you. I just want to say, I was born at 24 weeks and at that time was given a 20% chance of survival and that was 18 years ago now. With the changes in technology since then I find it appalling that abortions are allowed up to 24 weeks since there’s a chance that any baby could survive. I personally could never do that, especially at that stage of life.


I am so glad you made it, and I’m also happy that I have opened your eyes to the human tragedy of abortion.

Your life is a gift from not only your mother, but from the scientists and engineers who developed the technology that sustained you and from the doctors and medical staff who shepherded you through the dangers of preterm birth.

Now use your experience and voice to stand for those facing the violence and abandonment of abortion. Over 3,300 prenatal children will be killed today in America alone. They truly need you.

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