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Never mind the fact that this blog is less than a week old and this is the 3rd message that we’ve gotten where a person is saying “I wish I was aborted.” Since you lack reading comprehension AND a soul, saying “I wish I was aborted” is basically saying “I wish I was dead” which is NOT THAT FAR FROM SAYING “I want to kill myself.” I’m not you, cultureshift. I’m not going to answer asks from good, kind people who need help and act like a condescending, no good fucking asshole. I treat the people WHO. ARE. ALREADY. HERE. with kindness and respect if they treat me the same. You’re a fucking asshole, a bully, and considered one of the worst blogs in the “abortion” tag. I really, REALLY don’t think you should be pointing fingers at anyone, because your opinions are so horrid that sometimes I genuinely wish your computer (or brain, whichever) would be fucking confiscated JUST so you wouldn’t be able to reach anymore good, kind, loving people and taint them with your irrelevant  faux-“moral” pro life bullshit. You’re pro “life” and yet are against me telling someone who’s basically saying they’re borderline suicidal that they’re worth living? Fuck you.

EDIT: NOT ONLY THAT, but you TOOK IT UPON YOURSELF to screencap an ask that, while anonymous, IS EXTREMELY FUCKING PERSONAL. What if, even though it was asked anonymously, that person NEVER wanted their story to get around in such a rebloggable way? Being posted on our blog is one thing, but you allowing it to be available to every single blog on this website in a rebloggable form is a downright disgusting and manipulative thing to do to someone. How very pro life of you.


This is typical of the hypocrisy of your movement. A few days ago, I was attempting to save a human life by offering to provide prenatal assistance to a pregnant mother and to adopt her child who was scheduled to die by abortion and I find this post on your blog titled Blatant and Ridiculous Manipulation.

Ash, from oh-snap-pro-choice, screen capped my post and commenced to pick my plea apart, possibly causing the death of that child.

I have received several of the ‘I wish I was aborted’ comments as well. I answer them without hypocrisy, just like I answer all questions.

You clearly were being hypocritical and I pointed that out, just like you and other abortion advocates attempt to do to pro-life arguments on a daily basis.

It was not my intent to cause any anguish to the person who sent you the comment. I’m sure they possess some level of common sense and would easily pick up on my point. A point they would likely agree with if they were to apply any critical reasoning at all to your response.

Notice how I was able to respond to you without all of the name calling? Of course, incivility is to be expected from someone with a complete lack of morality and who fights to kill innocent human beings on a daily basis.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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