Dangerous Thinking


Have you ever considered overpopulation and the problems associated with it? For me I see abortion as a necessary evil to combat that, and also the fact that children born into poor families tend to continue this cycle of poverty. Your answers are very shortsighted and tend to ignore the very serious problem of children being difficult and expensive to raise. It’s easy to cry about the lives of the ‘babies’ now when in years to come they’re troubled/poor adults.


Since you admit that abortion is evil, why stop there. If you are willing to accept the killing of prenatal children for population control, also known as birth control, why not extend this time horizon out?

I assume you would be amenable to killing off anyone over the age of 75. After all, they aren’t typically very productive and they are using valuable resources.

I hope you can see the flaw in your logic and why it’s a dangerous way of thinking.

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