No Reason Good Enough


A year and a half ago I had sex with someone due to risky behavior caused by depression and a need to punish myself. Had I gotten pregnant I would have had an abortion because otherwise I’d have taken my life, I almost did anyway. Abortion is necessary in many people’s lives and you don’t know why a person is getting one. Start minding your own business, women* aren’t incubators and a fetus doesn’t have a RIGHT to be inside her.


So you knew ahead of time that you would have killed an innocent child after having unprotected sex in an effort to punish yourself?

I posted a statement yesterday that bears repeating…

“Women who do not respect life are too irresponsible to own a uterus and should not possess the power to create life.”

It does not matter to me why a woman is getting an abortion because, outside of grave physical endangerment to the mother, there is NO REASON GOOD ENOUGH to end an innocent child’s life.

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