Technically the embryo cannot sustain life on its own. It’s the same as a limb or appendage. The fetus is further along and more developed, still cannot make conscious thoughts or feel or be productive in any way. Once it is born is it a child. Developed, needing assistance and love and care but able to support their own system given the right tools. Realize that you cannot compare a six week embryo to a fully living adult. Not the same.


An embryo is not the same as a limb or appendage. He or she is a living human being undergoing cellular division to grow. A cellular division that does not typically stop until around the 20th year following birth. I suspect you have yet to reach your 20th birthday. If true, you are still growing, just like that embryo you are so quick to kill.

Using the conscious thought argument as an excuse to kill these children is problematic. According to Psychology Today, children gain self awareness between the 1st and 3rd year after birth. Most infants and toddlers, just like when they were at the fetal stage of development, are not thinking productive members of our society. They are extremely dependent on others to survive.

Based on the high bar you set for being considered a human being with a life worth protecting, we should be able to kill our children as late as their third birthday. And of course, given your logic, we should be able to kill any human being that is currently in a coma.

People like you try so hard to justify the killing of the most vulnerable members of our society as a means to avoid the innate responsibility required of women to carry their children to term.

Life begins at fertilization and killing innocent human beings is wrong from that point forward. In fact, killing innocent human beings is always wrong.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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