Time Markers


Do you believe that human life at all points of development should be protected?  For example – immediately after fertilization, the zygote stage, before implantation, up to the point of the heart forming & beginning to beat, after the heart & blood first develops, from the embryo to the fetus stage, up to viability and after.  Do you have any specific time markers along the way, or just at conception?  And, what’s your view on frozen fertilized eggs?


Life begins at fertilization and is just as valuable from that moment until that person’s natural death. Time markers are not warranted. Time markers are hypocritical.

Frozen fertilized eggs (human beings) must be implanted in a woman’s uterus or those children have been effectively killed.

Bottom line: once two gametes fuse, that new human being must be jealously guarded by their human family.

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