A Failure To Respect Human Life


“You can’t force me to give up my liver, how can you force me to give up my uterus?”

This is for all those idiots that think you should be forced to let a fetus use your uterus because ‘life is precious.’ If life was so damn precious then why don’t we make people give up their lung, kidney and a piece of their liver? Why don’t we force people to give up their blood and bone marrow? Because we have this thing called ‘bodily autonomy’ where a person has rights to their body, organs and fluids. We don’t take organs from corpses unless the deceased had given permission in life, why do we try to do it to people with uteri who are alive?


No one wants to take your uterus away, in fact, we want it to stay right where it is so long as it supports the life of a child.

That person growing inside of you did not ask to be conceived and has just as much right to your uterus as you do. The mother and child have equal rights to bodily autonomy.

You have every right to remove your uterus so long as it does not contain another human being dependent on it for survival. Women who do not respect life are too irresponsible to own a uterus and should not possess the power to create life.

Respond to A Failure To Respect Human Life

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