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Hi! Earlier today you stated that a parent (I’m assuming you mean mother because you used female pronouns but please correct me if I’m wrong) has three options: “1. Be a parent to her child. 2. Give the gift of parenthood to another through adoption. 3. Kill her child.” I guess I’m just here to ask what you would suggest for a single mother who works? Taking time off to have a child wouldn’t be a reasonable option for a household who survives off of one parents income.


There are ENORMOUS resources available to someone in this situation. This hypothetical single mother could contact a pregnancy resource center for assistance with the adoption process. These centers also provide resources in the event she decides to keep her child such as parenting training, counseling, diapers, baby wipes, cribs, etc.

In addition to these private resources, there are several government resources such as WIC, welfare, subsidized housing, and food stamps.

You, like many others, are suggesting that a mother should kill her child to solve a temporary problem. How is killing a child an acceptable solution to any problem?

Learn more about available pregnancy resources.

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