A Few Exceptions


I don’t come here to bash on you or your blog. I applaud you for using this blog as a way to get your opinions and views out there in the world on a topic that is very controversial. I just wanted to explain my opinions to you, and say that I am pro-choice; however with a few exceptions. I don’t believe an abortion should be performed past the 20-week line. Other than that, I am pro choice and just wanted to say I admire your views and how you stick to your convictions. Thank you.


You have a kind heart and I know you are capable of realizing that each of us was a living human being from the moment of our conception.

We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you or I had been aborted. This is proof enough for me that aborting at two weeks or 22 weeks makes a human being just as dead.

Drawing an arbitrary line at which point a prenatal child can no longer be killed is hypocritical and violates the pro-choice advocates bedrock argument of bodily autonomy.

Critical thinking, by definition, is free of hypocrisy. I recommend you either commit to the concept that life begins at birth (they aren’t real if I can’t see them), or that life begins at conception (cellular division begins and does not stop until we are a fully grown adult).

If you adopt the first concept, which is the current law [Doe v. Bolton, 1973], then you support killing a child up to the point that their head penetrates the cervix.

If you adopt the second concept, then you never support the killing of a child, prenatal or otherwise.

Never support the killing of a child. Never.

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