You really need to stop comparing prochoice and abortions to the Nazis and the ‘holocaust’. Mostly because its a typical case of Godwin’s Law. That is, if you need to win a debate but you don’t have a credible way of doing it, you just compare what you’re arguing against with that of fascism/national socialism, and the appeal to ridicule fallacy will make people ‘join your side instead’ out of fear of not wanting to be associated with it. It’s a strawman fallacy, and it doesn’t make you look good.


I will take this opportunity to address why I sometimes allude to the Nazi German Government and their policies.

I am not equating the suffering of the Jewish people and the many other groups oppressed and killed by the Nazis to the suffering of aborted children. I am fully aware that these are unique experiences, although both are horrific atrocities.

I am equating the policies that were implemented by the Nazi Party that led to the Holocaust. These policies began with the euthanasia of the mentally ill and eventually snowballed into full scale genocide. We routinely abort children who display mental or physical genetic abnormalities and we routinely dehumanize prenatal children to justify this practice. These practices are hauntingly similar to how the Nazis propagandized the killing of their own citizens.

My concern is that when a society gets the taste of blood in its mouth, in our case through the killing of our prenatal children through abortion, even more horrific atrocities become possible. Abortion bears comparison due to the sheer volume of lives lost and the fact that government policies support this killing through legalization.

I have plenty of credible ways to argue against the killing of prenatal children, and have used many of them. The comparison of the United States Government’s sanctioned killing of the preborn members of our society to the Nazi German Government’s sanctioned killing of the post-born members of its society is valid from a policy perspective, among others. It’s clear that if they would have possessed the technology to determine genetic disorders during gestation, they would have force-aborted those children. Although our government does not currently force these children to be aborted, their mothers do have the choice to abort them. It’s not a far leap to imagine government provided health care being curtailed if requested for the use of supporting a child with genetic disorders when the mother opted out of abortion.

You also have to approach this argument from my perspective. I do not see any difference between a prenatal child and a neonatal child in terms of their right to live. Killing a 12 week old child in the womb is no different that killing a 12 year old child. For me, and many others, this allows comparison to the policies of the Nazis.

If you are pro-choice, you do not consider prenatal children to be human beings worthy of protection and therefore this argument seems unjustified. Since I don’t see those awaiting their birth as anything less than a human being, my argument is justified.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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