Rape is No Excuse for Killing Children


As a woman who was raped not once, but twice, with two children from both rapes, I have to say I have never loved anyone more. My son, my second child still lives with me. He is now 4 years old while I am 19. My daughter, now 6, I gave up for adoption. It is an open adoption so I get to see her every now and then. But I have really never loved anyone more than these two. It is hard being a mother at 19 in college. It is not easy but being pro-life is definitely the way to go.


YOU ARE MY HERO! And a hero to millions of people around the world that know what women are really capable of. But most importantly, you are a hero to your LIVING children who are the beneficiaries of your love for life.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’ve received several hundred messages espousing the benefits of killing prenatal children. You are living proof of the benefits love and sacrifice provide.

Thank you again on behalf of both of your children and your human family. You are truly loved and admired!

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