Great Anguish


you sound fucking insane, it’s people like you that make me WANT to get abortions just to prove to you IT DOESN’T FUCKING HURT YOU WHEN I DO SOMETHING TO MY OWN BODY OKAY. But that, of course, would be insane. You guys need to stop making people feel like complete shit for what they choose to do to their bodies. Would you rather someone have an abortion get told how absolutely terrible they are then kill themselves? that’s completely retarded. so yeah all of you can shove it PS I’ve taken plan B.


You are right, it does not hurt me when you do something to YOUR OWN BODY. It does hurt me when you do something to the BODY OF AN INNOCENT HUMAN BEING growing inside of you.

It’s called empathy and love for the members of my human family that face injustice, torment, and death. The thought of a prenatal child facing the violence of abortion while his or her mother spreads her legs to provide full access for their killer causes me great anguish.

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