I’ve seen a few posts going around calling cultureshift a troll lately, but I don’t think they’re a troll. Their responses to questions are too long and thought out to be someone who’s just “trolling” or trying to piss people off. They seem to genuinely care about abortion rather than just wanting to make feminists/pro-choice people angry.

That being said, they are clearly very, very deep into their anti-choice beliefs and like a troll, there isn’t much of a point in trying to reason with them. I’ll continue reblogging any posts that are loaded with misinformation that I see from them – and I encourage you guys to do the same – but sending them messages seems to be pointless to me, especially hateful ones because hatemail doesn’t get your point across and just makes everyone on our side look bad and tends to push people away from even considering your beliefs because they come off as so malicious.

Thoughts on the situation?


I appreciate your ability to come to a correct and logical conclusion. Who would dedicate the amount of time I put into this blog just to ‘troll’. I have a family and a career, yet I still give all I can to protect innocent human life. Born or not.

You are absolutely correct on another point as well — I am deeply committed to the fact that life begins at fertilization and that killing that life before their natural death is wrong. Killing an innocent human being 12 weeks prior to their birth, 12 weeks following it, or 12 years later, is all the same and equally wrong. I will work tirelessly to help others understand this concept and support every legislative action to codify this truth into law.

I have also noticed that you aren’t exactly moving toward the pro-life view. Does that mean we should not engage you in debate? When people have polar opposite views on extremely divisive issues, open discussion should be encouraged, not silenced.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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