Cynicism and Death


You make me sick. You don’t care about women. You don’t care about life. You care about birth. And god forbid its a girl and after she’s born and grows up, she gets pregnant and doesn’t want to be. Abortion is inaccessible so she becomes desperate, gets a back alley abortion, hemorrhages and dies. Is her life still precious then? That’s what will happen if abortion is illegal. Abortion rates won’t go down but women will start dying. That’s not pro-life. That’s just disgusting.


Woman are amazing, special, wonderful, and equal. These attributes apply both inside and outside of the womb.

I am working to change the values of our society — our culture. A culture that says ALL human life is worthy of protection, regardless of stage of development. A culture where the concept of an unwanted child is foreign to all. A culture where a mother may not want to be pregnant, but will protect and nurture her child through birth and then place them with a loving adoptive family.

In this society, a mother would never consider an abortion. They would value their prenatal child just as much as their newborn child. This society will be built upon hope and life, not cynicism and death.

If we don’t value the lives of our own prenatal sons and daughters, what is there really left in this world to value?

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