If you are going to fight against abortion, please STOP using false phrasing to get what you want. Don’t say that “your child wants to live” because it’s a fetus. A fetus can’t WANT anything, it’s essentially unaware of any of it’s surroundings. Don’t refer to abortion as a “death penalty” because that is also incorrect. A death penalty is a punishment for criminals, just call it an abortion. Go ahead and fight for your cause, but don’t manipulate people’s feelings with false information.


A human being at any stage of life wants to live. Why else would their cells be dividing over and over again? The will to survive is an innate characteristic of any living thing. Life on this planet did not evolve with a desire to self terminate, that would defeat the entire purpose of the process.

You want me to stop using ‘false phrasing’ because abortion is not a ‘death penalty’. Do you feel the same about abortion advocates who use terms like ‘parasite’, ‘intruder’, and ‘unwanted sub-human’ when referring to prenatal children? Their use of these terms is simply an effort to criminalize their existence so they can kill them without remorse.

These tactics were also used by Nazi Germany and were just as effective at convincing large portions of their population that killing certain groups of human beings could be done without remorse as an acceptable means to an end.

Please apply critical thinking when arguing to continue the wholesale slaughter of living human beings. Our prenatal children deserve nothing less.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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