One-Child Policy


don’t forget in china there is a one child policy. What do you say if a married woman with a child accidentally falls pregnant again and cannot have an abortion? The child when born cannot be registered, and therefore has 0 rights. It can never attend school, get a job, or get married. No healthcare, no passport. It will go through its life invisible. What is the option here? Deny a married woman a right to sex? Chinese orphanage? I’d much rather abort my kid than put it in their orphanage


China has lost their way. This is a nation that has not valued human rights for many generations. They are a model for the effects the full acceptance of abortion has on a nation’s people and it’s governance.

China’s one-child policy is a violation of basic human rights, just like abortion is. They are the worst possible society to use as an argument to be pro-choice. China has aborted over 336 million living human beings since 1971. That’s greater than the entire population of the United States of America. In addition, they have forcibly sterilized more than 200 million women and have a strong preference for aborting females. They are the ultimate misogynists.

People like you are why I started this blog. I do not believe you are inherently a bad human being. I just believe you were born into a society that accepts the killing of prenatal children and your moral compass has been skewed. Getting you, and others like you, back on azimuth, will result in a culture shift toward a renewed respect for the dignity of human life.

You are better than believing that a child should be killed before being placed in an orphanage where he or she not only has life, but also has a chance to know love and compassion.

We are better than abortion.

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