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This is the girl who told you about her abortion plan. Look, I appreciate your concern, but in my eyes, life does not begin at conception, only the potential of life. Life begins the moment the baby takes their first breath outside of the mother. I can live knowing the fact that I removed a group of cells in my body. I cannot, however, live knowing that somewhere, a child with my blood is living with another parent. I can say goodbye to cells, but not a child. They aren’t one and the same.


I would never had been able to live with myself if I did not make an attempt to save your child’s life since you directly contacted me about his or her impending death.

You may not believe that you will experience guilt or remorse later in life, but many mothers do. Please watch this video before making a final decision. That young woman was 100% pro-choice and yet she had a change of heart some years following her abortion.

I know you believe that your financial situation and educational opportunities are the most important concerns for you right now. And I want you to go to college and prosper, but I also want your beautiful child to do the same.

As I stated in my original reply, you can reclaim custody of your son or daughter at any time you feel you are ready. I will put that in writing. Just think of it as free long term child care. You may also have full contact at any time. I can promise you your child will know the deepest love a family can offer.

Please place yourself in your child’s position for just a few moments. It is innate human behavior to survive, and your child wants to live. Imagine him or her someday earning a degree, falling in love, or holding their own child in their arms.

Every prenatal child deserves a chance to experience the joys and challenges life has to offer — even if they are just potential in your mind.

For immediate assistance in making your decision, please call 1-800-NO-ABORT (662-2678). I have already called them and they are available RIGHT NOW.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to change your mind.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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