Abortion Survival Rate


You are exaggerating what we can do with today’s medical technology.Yes, babies have been delivered as early as 21 weeks because they had no choice and by then the baby has about 0% chance of survival but there are miracles but they are called miracles for a reason – they are very very few. Too few and too uncertain to base medical decisions to make laws on. The reason the % varies so greatly at the same gestation is because not all fetuses are the same and the weight (which is very important) can fluctuate.

21 weeks 0% survival rate
22 weeks 0-10% survival rate
23 weeks 10-35% survival rate
24 weeks 40-70% survival rate
25 weeks 50-80% survival rate
26 weeks 80-90% survival rate
27 weeks greater than 90% survival rate


During abortion: 0-40 weeks 0% survival rate

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