Ticking Clock


May I ask what motivated you to care so much about preborn ‘life’? Do you show the same level of compassion consistently across several social demographics who face regular persecution all the time? Or do you view a foetus as more important as the rest of ‘life’?


All of us are up against a ticking clock. We must make it through each day; working, driving, cleaning, cooking, eating, running errands, taking care of family issues, sleeping, etc. I care about any and all human oppression and have dedicated my life to preserving freedom and human rights, but I have limited time on this planet. The greatest human atrocity facing the entire world right now, not just the United States, is human abortion. We are killing our prenatal children, members of our own family, at an alarming rate.  A preborn human being is killed every 1.4 SECONDS on this planet.

All other issues are secondary until we destroy the idea that some lives matter less. Thinking like this has a way of creeping into other social issues. We really don’t want to go there.

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