Let me tell you something. I ended up getting pregnant because I forgot to take my pill the morning before. I’m only 19, still working to save up money for college and an apartment. Not only am I not financially ready, but I had never wanted to have kids in the first place. I know that I cannot carry the responsibility of a child. So, I’ll be getting an abortion next week. I need this choice, and trying to take it away from me is bullshit. It’s not a child, it’s cells. And I don’t want it.


I know you may not be ready, but lots of women have become pregnant at ‘inconvenient’ points in their lives. My mother became pregnant with me when she was 16 and she brought me into this world and did an amazing job making sure I was loved and cared for. I know you can do the same.

If you feel that you cannot handle this child, I will commit to adopt him or her. I will give you the CHOICE of reclaiming custody at any point that you feel ready to take on the responsibility of parenthood.

I can provide the best medical care available, a caring home, the mentorship of parenthood, and all of the joys of life for your child.

I am providing you a real CHOICE. One that we can both live with. One that your child can LIVE with.

Message me to change both your and your child’s future.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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