So im guessing you think that its ok when a woman is raped and gets pregnant that she cant have an abortion? So she can stare that baby in the face every single day for the rest of her life? What happens when that baby starts asking about daddy “oh honey your dad raped me and thats why he’s not around and i dont know who he is.” do you have any idea how the child would feel? i dont think you do. but i do. knowing my father is a rapist is the hardest thing ive had to live with. i hate myself.


I have a daughter conceived through rape and she is fully aware that she had nothing to do with what happened. She, like you, is a beautiful person with all of the same ambitions, dreams, and hopes common to us all.

Life begins at fertilization. The DNA carriers that fused together to form you committed no crime. Your mother committed no crime. You are completely innocent and should never consider yourself an extension of one man’s failing. The DNA you carry represents millions of your ancestors. Don’t let the actions of one of them diminish the legacy of all of them.

Never feel like you are less of a human being than anyone else. You have every right to be here and are equal to any other person sharing our little blue planet.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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