Wincing in Repulsion


You are disgusting. You are perhaps, the most idiotic, delusional, repulsive person I have ever encountered on the internet- and that really is saying something. Don’t you dare for one second think you’re some kind of fucking hero. You are poison. The worst kind of person. The shame you should feel is unmeasurable. You have no concept of the real world. May every fetus you ever “save” someday become an abortion provider.


As our society shifts toward a respect for the dignity of human life, any prenatal child I save will not have an option to become an abortionist. We will pass laws banning the elective killing of innocent human beings, no matter their stage of development.

In this society, people will wince in repulsion at the thought of killing their child while living in the womb — killing a member of their own family.

These laws are already starting to take root as more and more people recognize abortion for the act of human depravity and cruelty that it is.

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