Abortion has become a drug that our society is addicted to. It brings quick relief from responsibility but comes with the crushing side effects of death, guilt and remorse. These side effects are not just isolated to the abuser, they impact every member of the society capable of feeling empathy for the prenatal children facing its deadly effect.

This drug has destroyed the lives of over 57,000,000 American children since its legalization in 1973, yet it continues to be peddled in abortion mills all across the country, most located in minority neighborhoods where they feed off of poverty and desperation.

Giving up this drug will be hard and will take time. The addicts will fight and claw and commit unimaginable acts to hold on to their addiction. Their dealers will fight to keep them addicted, to maintain the steady flow of this deadly narcotic and the cash it generates.

A large portion of our society will claim that this drug should remain legal. After all, it’s the addict’s body and we shouldn’t tell them what to do with their body. Second-hand effects are just fine with this drug, they will say, since it’s nobody else’s business what choice the addict makes.

It’s never easy to go through withdrawal, but living clean and sober creates amazing new possibilities for millions who once only faced the grim reality of a life cut short.

We can beat this addiction together. Say yes to life!

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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