No Regrets


Okay, as an openly pro-life person: PLEASE delete that stupid “transparent people” post. The factual errors in it have already been pointed out by several tumblr users and you’re frankly just embarrassing the entire movement. You won’t be able to avoid having it spread through the website, but at least people that come here through it will know that you realize how dumb it was and that you regret posting it.


This comment references this post.

Please elaborate on what factual errors it contained.

Fact – The graphic represents a 24 week old prenatal child.

Fact – Abortion is legal in many states up to 24 weeks for any reason whatsoever.

Fact – Abortions at this stage of life are performed through Dilation and Evacuation. Approximately 1.5% of all abortions are performed on children this age. That’s 670,000 per year worldwide.

Fact – You either failed to read my post (I never stated anything about the age of the child, because it really does not matter when you kill a developing human being, either way, they are just as dead) or you are simply posing as a pro-life advocate to tear down those who devote themselves to ending this human tragedy.

Fact – If you do point out a mistake, I will gladly correct it and will do so as publicly as I possibly can. Only truth can sway hearts and minds and I am dedicated to ensuring that any use of emotional persuasion is grounded in facts and logical reasoning.

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