A Broken Moral Compass


Why try to convince people to have children they don’t want when there are thousands of children in adoption centres? Are you going to adopt all of those unwanted children? Why not focus on already BORN children first? Getting children homes and the love they need is far more important than birthing more unwanted kids that face possibilities of being in an adoption centre or mistreated/neglected? Do you care about them?


The way to stop ‘unwanted’ children and ‘over population’ is to not get pregnant. There never has been nor will there ever be a good enough reason to intentionally kill a prenatal child.

Imagine a world grossly over populated. Would you suggest categorizing human beings into groups for destruction based on their value? How would this value be set? Today, human life is not truly valued until it exits the womb. Would you move this marker to the first year of life following birth? Would you advocate for the killing of the elderly? The disabled?

Either we respect the dignity of human life from the moment of conception or we pass along a broken moral compass to the next generation who may veer even further off course.

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