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Are you religious? If you were, you were most likely born into a religious family and therefore you were pretty much brainwashed as an impressionable sponge-like child that your religion was right and true, whereas if those ideas hadn’t been imposed on you at that age and instead when you were old enough to view all of the options and choose for yourself, you probably wouldn’t be religious. This is similar to your point that “you only believe in abortion because your family said it’s okay”


I’ve made this clear on several occasions — I’m a ‘devout’ atheist. I’m not even slightly religious. Even though I was raised in a family that was religious, including routine visits to church and Sunday school, I began to realize that the belief in supernatural beings came into direct conflict with scientific knowledge and logical reasoning. I therefore broke away from religion at around 15 years of age and have raised my children to be free thinkers as well.

This is not to take away from anyone’s faith. Religion is a guide put in place by our ancestors in an effort to explain the world around them and to provide a moral compass. I’m happy to work with people of faith on the common goal of eradicating the human tragedy of abortion. Whether our moral compasses are guided by faith in the supernatural or by science and logic, if they are pointing in the same direction we should work together.

I’m very careful to avoid hypocrisy in my daily life and even more so in my fight to defend my fellow human beings currently awaiting their turn at birth. Abortion is wrong because killing innocent human beings is wrong. It really is just that simple.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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