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Hey dipshit that piece of art was not about abortion. It was about a woman being unable to give birth due to having a miscarriage. Look it the fuck up.


You are typical of almost every abortion advocate I encounter. Always denying anything and everything possible that shows the ugly truth about what abortion is and what it does to prenatal children. Visit these sites to learn the truth…

Memorial for Unborn Children: An Interview with Martin Hudáček

Young Slovakian Sculptor Captures Post-Abortion Pain, Mercy and Forgiveness

From an interview with the artist:

As an art student, Martin Hudáček of Slovakia was moved to create a sculpture to draw attention to the devastation abortion can bring to the woman, and to the fact that through the love and mercy of God, reconciliation and healing are possible.

The sculpture shows a woman in great sorrow grieving her abortion. The second figure in the work is the aborted child, presented as a young child, who in a very touching, healing way, comes to the mother, to offer forgiveness.

Martin, who named the work “Memorial for Unborn Children,” said the sculpture also “expresses hope which is given to believers by the One who died on the cross for us, and showed how much He cares about all of us.”

Marek Hudáček, brother of Martin, says both he and his brother were extremely surprised by the positive reactions from all over the world to the sculpture, “We did not expect it… The main intention of my brother to do the sculpture was not to be famous, but to speak about the important value of human life and the necessity to protect it from conception.”

Clearly, you need to better understand the debate you have so carelessly thrown yourself into. Maybe, with a little research, your heart may begin to thaw.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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